Did you know that you can enjoy the delicious taste of Italian dishes at home as well?

Visit our shops with Italian goods imported from the best suppliers in Italy.  You can find The Colonial Coloseum shop in Prague Na Lukách, Na Koruně and also in Kladno.

Here you can purchase high quality Italian goods such as salami, cheese, pasta, pickled vegetables or Sicilian jams and also delicious chocolates.  Many of these goods are used in the preparation of our dishes at the Pizza Coloseum restaurants.

With us you can prepare an excellent meal in only a few minutes!

The reason and secret behind the popularity of Italian cusine is in its high quality ingredients. The preparation itself does not require too much time or effort, because of that, it is necessary not to underestimate the quality of goods being used. In our Colonial Coloseum shops, we are able to provide you with the best ingredients from sunny Italy to your home kitchen counter. There are two series offered  – Classic and Gourmet.


The red marked Classic series offers products of high quality known from our restaurants. For their processing our suppliers use the most advanced technologies. Thanks to bulk packaging you can obtain them from us for the best price.


It is the highest end available among Italian goods and ingredients. These goods have been manually produced and harvested and fertilized 100% naturally.  Everything is being prepared with care.  This results in uncomparable tastes and flavors from traditional Italian family farms.

Who belongs among to our suppliers?

Traditional companies, using the most advanced and delicate technologies for processing food, also Italian family companies which are transferring the art of breeding animals, growing vegetables and processing raw goods from one generation to another.  In other words:  We personally select who will be our suppliers of meat, produce and goods. 

Thanks to all that above, you can and will be able to serve delicious and more importantly healthy dishes in your home.  You can prepare pasta for your loved ones which has been slow dried and then cut with special bronze knives.  Or along with a bottle of good wine you can taste smoked-meat products processed exclusively from the best-quality meats in accordance to secret recipes.

Discover along with us the quality and taste, which you will keep coming back to.

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