Are you thinking  about a celebration for your small daughter or son? Don´t worry about the program, clean-up or the  decorations and there will be a feast suitable for children. We are going to manage everything – from the dishes to the cake,  evenan animated program!

Your child will be enthusiastic about the celebration at  the Coloseum.   And you will be too! What can be expected from us for your child during the celebration?  Full tummies with some of our most popular dishes for kids, pizza and or pasta also soft drinks are offered and kids champagne for a toast to the birthday boy or girl.  An excellent cake from our confectioner is a commonplace, with a motif of the birthday childs choice. The birthday child also recieves a small gift from us, the Colosík furry teddy bear and a book from the Book Club. There will be an hour and a half of fun with our animaters. The celebration price is 2,990 CZK.

All the birthday partys and also other celebrations we will  adapt to your demands.

Call or write us and we would be glad  to implement your wishes.

There is a party at the Coloseum every Sunday!

Every Sunday we offer animation programs from 13:00pm to 15:00pm at the Pizza Coloseum Vysočany and at the Pizza Coloseum Průhonice restaurants. There are games, competitions, forming balls and face painting waiting for your children to experience.

 At the Pizza Coloseum we love children...

Did you know that at the Pizza Coloseum restaurants we maintain also our childrens brand KIDS COLOSEUM? A part of it is for example a menu in the form of the COLOSÍK journal.  It is issued quarterly and contains games, competitions, painting and reading for our smallest visitors. This journal you can take with you and complete it for various prizes.

In addition in almost all of our restaurants you will find large and spacious childrens corners with large amounts of toys; in Průhonice there is even a separate kids restaurant.  At all the restaurants your child up to 6 years old will receive a kids dish FREE OF CHARGE with your main dish according to the constant menu.