The Italian cuisine along with its non-interchangeable goodness and a  taste you can enjoy everywhere and everytime - whether are you planning a picnic for several friends or a banquet for 2,000 visitors.

The excellent Italian catering is composed from your favorite dishes and first-class Italian goods, that you know from our Pizza Coloseum restaurants.  Have no fear, we are not new at this.  We have long term experience concerning catering.  We have been working  in this field since 1996 .

Catering Coloseum

Catering Coloseum:  An excellent choice for different kinds of events

Catering is going to be prepared according to your wishes also according to the  kind of event or events taking place - from the starting proposal to the final result.  If you are planning a bigger event and do not know where it should be situated, please ask us.  We would like to accommodate your wishes in anyway possible.

For what events is our catering suitable?


Simple,  all of them.  We manage small gatherings  for families, friends and any small groups – for example, for  5 persons.   We also manage larger official events for 2,000 guests as well.

Our help will be suitable for you, if you are planning:

  • celebration
  • cocktail
  • banquet | gala dinner
  • wine glass
  • weddings | wedding banquets
  • garden party | picnics | bbq parties
  • schooling celebrations | conferences

Why choose Coloseum Catering?

Certainly because you and your loved ones like the Italian cuisine in which we are unrivalled.  We like our work,  which is evident in reference to our commissions every time.  You are going to enjoy the highest  quality of taste in our dishes and in our drinks.   You will also be impressed  by our communication with you as the client and also within our staff  and by our pleasant and professional staff  in action.  We will always strive to secure a first class result.  We are in possession of our own vehicles  including a car fleet and refridgerated vehicles due to  dishes that have required temperatures.  This insures freshness and quality.

Your event is going to be successful with us!

Are you impressed by our Catering at Coloseum?  Please, contact us and we will prepare an offer just for you.

Jan Barták

Catering Manager
T: +420 737 263 963