The loyalty program is intended for friends of the Coloseum restaurants

The Bakarta is not usual discount card only. In addition to discounts of prices at the Pizza Coloseum restaurants it is connected with other conveniences, e.g. no payments for coverts or packages in the case if you wish to take food with you. Have a look at the other advantages and find out how to obtain your Bakarta.

6 reasons
for the Bakarta:
Choose rewards for collected points
You can obtain conveniences from our partners
You will obtain 1 loyalty point for every 100 CZK paid
Neplatíte za košík domácího pečiva s bylinkovým máslem
You will not pay for take out food
You can obtain discounts on payments

How can I obtain the Bakarta?

Ask us at any of our Pizza Coloseum restaurants or order your Bakarta on-line

Register at any of our

Pizza Coloseum restaurants

You will need to fill out the register form and pay 49 CZK. You will are going to obtain the card immediately and can use all of its advantages.


You obtain the card immediately

Our Coloseum Restaurant

Register online

Enter your Bakarta account

Log in

Bakarta account

Your Bakarta card is tied to your name and only you can use it. If you lose your Bakarta or if it gets stolen, you won't lose any points or credits. Call us or write to us and we will give you a new Bakarta for 49 Kč and reupload your points and credits to match the lost/stolen one.

You can collect the Bakarta on delivery as well. You can write to us at and we will send it by form of cash on delivery for 129 CZK immediately. As soon as you have obtained the card, you can start to use it, along with your advantages and discounts.

Membership kinds

35,000 of our friends belong to the Pizza Coloseum family. There are individuals that simply just love Italian cuisine or companies and their employees. If you would like to attend the Pizza Coloseum restaurants along with friends or the family you can select the Classic membership. If you want to comfort your team or other colleagues, then take the Corporate membership.


The classical membership is for lovers of the Italian cuisine. You can change collected points for discounts in the form of gifts from our partners or vouchers for the Pizza Coloseum restaurants. In addition you will be able to exchange the points on your Bakarta card for some selected dishes and beverages directly in some of our selected branches.


A membership intended for companies and their employees. The Corporate Bakartas are intended for companies and make super setting discounts for the whole Bakartas emission possible. However, they do not make adding the loyalty points at the same time possible, but they are transferable, so that everyone from your company can use them.


It makes cashless payments by means of the Bakarta possible. At the Pizza Coloseum restaurants, the Bakarta serves as a full-fledged pay card as well! Its enough just to put some cash on it for example an employee benefit. If you are going to use this card through a company, we will issue a tax document for the total sum saved on the card for you.

Important information in reference to the loyalty program and everything concerning the Bakarta you can find in "Membership´s Conditions" as well.